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      The project area:2㎡


      Product introduction

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      More real and more interesting

      Small space, big mystery, dynamic comfort, perfect synchronization. 360 degree panoramic view, 1080p independent high-definition resolution of eyes, immersion 9D helmet, let you sit in a comfortable seat, you can browse the never seen fantasy world, unique angle and unique angle experience, enjoy different visual feast, freely travel the virtual world, explore the infinite mystery of the unknown world, enlighten wisdom!

      Technical parameters

      • project
      • voltage:
      • power:
      • Equipment weight:
      • The rated load:
      • Seat number:
      • Appearance of size:
      • Helmet glasses:
      • Number of games:
      • 參數值
      • 220V
      • 0.5KW
      • 230KG
      • 100KG
      • 1
      • 1420(L)×1840(W)×1400(H)mm
      • VR22+5D100
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