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      Interactive photography Web celebrity beach Body feeling software Children's park VR science

      Interactive photography

      1. Interactive projection is a participatory new media interactive platform created by the world-leading "image motion recognition" technology combined with a new creative expression form.

      2. It is a gamely and interesting entertainment program that enables the audience to be involved in it and interact with the participants. The interactive films are rich in resources, and the upgrade is free of any cost.

      3. Single projection interactive projection system, only 4 points of installation, no acquisition card, unlimited camera installation location, unlimited ground requirements, the most cost-effective interactive projection system.

      Web celebrity beach

      AR web celebrity beach effect of guangzhou wanxiang science and technology co., LTD., which supports all kinds of channel release, highly clear projection effect, and supports multi-person experience; The interactive wave effect is easy to install and easy to debug. When installing the multi-channel wave effect in the corridor, it can make people feel like standing on the beach and riding the waves. The undulating waves make the visual effect excellent. The interactive effect of waves is the best choice for the corridor decoration of shopping malls, exhibition halls and amusement parks.

      Body feeling software

      AR multi-screen corridor

      Augmented reality is the power of AR, and this product is the power of AR multi-screen corridor.

      Children's park

      The whole planning and design of naughty castle

      For a variety of shopping malls to customize a variety of naughty fort suitable planning scheme, reasonable use of space to create a place full of laughter.

      VR science

      Wanxiang science and technology has launched a VR science museum, which integrates earthquake, typhoon, astronomy, AR and other elements. Relying on VR, phantom stars allow people to further increase the knowledge of popular science through education and entertainment, enriching the means and forms of popular science propaganda and education. VR science popularization education, literally, is to learn science popularization knowledge by relying on VR virtual reality technology. Through VR technology, people can not only feel earthquake, aerospace, fire fighting, typhoon, traffic safety and other scenes as if they were in the scene, but also explore and learn relevant science popularization skills in the process of experiencing VR.

      Application field

      The project design

      Studies education

      Successful experience, copy and paste

      Never opened a store? Don't know how to operate?

      Copy the successful experience of others, electronic technology from 0 to help you earn!

      Latest video content

      More than 500 VR content and more than 50 original copyright content have been put online and updated continuously.

      Custom service

      News and information

      Opening is hot? Make a lot of money? A visit from a science delegation? Big news! We knew it!


      Work together for win-win cooperation

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